In addition to providing quality chiropractic care, Dr. Cory Koch wants to educate his clients so they can better take care of themselves. Below are several videos highlighting exercises you can do on your own, analogies showing the importance of regular chiropractic care, client testimonials and Dr. Koch’s involvement in the community.


Health Tips

The Plant Analogy Dimmer Switch Phenomenon Adjustment Frequency The Sickness Formula


What Our Clients Are Saying



In the Community

Dr. Koch Adjusts Runners at the Garmin Marathon

Strengthening Exercises

Hammer Exercise Straight Leg Dead Lift Hyper Extensions with Exercise Ball Shoulder Shrugs Squats Upright Rows

Stretching Exercises

Yoga Exercises - Sun Salutation Slant Board Stretch Chair Stretch Modified Down Dog


Other Top Videos

What will your last 10 years look like Research Report: Chiropractic Adjustment & High Blood Pressure