First Visit

Your First Visit to Chiropractic Lifestyle Center


Step One: Paper Work
All new patients are requested to fill out the personal health history questionnaire and insurance information form. You may do that when you come in our office or you can complete them in advance to save time on your first visit (either mail them in or bring them with you).


Please print and complete both forms, then bring a copy of each with you on your visit:

New Patient History Form and
Insurance Information Form
(require Adobe Acrobat Reader)


Step Two: Consultation
During this time Dr Koch listens and learns about your health challenges. Together we decide if chiropractic care is the right approach to your health.


Step Three: Examination
The purpose of the examination is to determine the health of the nervous system and the spine. Dr Koch evaluates the spinal joints, the tissue (ligaments and discs), the nerves, the muscles and the overall health status of the individual. The exam consists of three essential parts:

  1. Palpation – Dr Koch feels your spine to assess the position and motions of each spinal bone.
  2. Perform the appropriate range of motion, orthopedic, and neurological tests.
  3. The CoreScore Evaluations – a complete neural efficiency score collected from surface EMG, paraspinal thermal scans and Heart Rate Variability gives Dr. Koch an accurate snapshot of how chronic stress is affecting your overall health.
  4. Additional Test – X-rays might be indicated depending on the history and condition of the individual.


Step Four: Report of Findings
After the examination the doctor spends time carefully reviewing the information obtained during the examination. When the doctor is ready, you will be given a report of findings. During this time the cause of your problem will be discussed and a course of treatment will be outlined for you.


Step Five: Starting Care
If you are accepted as a patient, chiropractic care will begin directly after the Report of Findings.


Payments and Insurance
Payments will be made as services are rendered. As a courtesy to you, our office will file your insurance claims, however, the balance due to the office is your responsibility if insurance does not reimburse properly.


Welcome to our office and thank you for choosing us!

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